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Saskatchewan: The DVD Dishwasher Thief Pi

Saskatchewan: The DVD
The Minor Thirds

Videos for all six songs from the album Saskatchewan. DVD

Dishwasher Thief
The Minor Thirds

A pulp crime story. Who will betray whom? CD

Ned Raggett

Forty-five minutes of the most popular irrational number. EP

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Phoneticathon The Zealot's Curse El Amor Es Un Pescado

mARK oWEns

Global tongue salad! EP

The Zealot's Curse
The Minor Thirds

Something something something. CD

El Amor Es Un Pescado

Like driving a tractor over someone you've stabbed in the heart. Beautiful. EP

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Je Pourrais L'Acheter
Combo Combien Marcel

A fresh perspective on French-Canadian cabaret hip-hop. EP.

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