V/A: Ashland
Ashland Some detritus from a pleasant, drunken living room show in Ashland, Oregon. You get a bunch of people together, you rent a house, you buy vast amounts of Maker's Mark, and you come up with magic. Or, if not magic, at least a drunken good time.

Booze, friends. It does a body good.

Anyway, this is eleven minutes of sounds made at that show. Puttski Luv graces us with a sweet little song about going to Ashland and getting drunk and hoping to get laid; the Minor Thirds chime in with a raucous little song about going to Ashland and getting drunk and demanding to get laid. The Ashland Chamber of Commerce, quite drunk, make some noise (and, really, this is but an excerpt of a long, giddy, drunken "jam" session involving lots of banging on things and spontaneous, blasphemous, and ridiculously awful songs) and cover an obscure Searching For Pookie song. (You know, as opposed to those Searching For Pookie Top 40 hits.)

And it ends with "Watchtower", in which Puttski Luv inspires a crowd of people to, uh, wow. Words cannot express what you will hear. It will sneak up on you, and suddenly you will be surrounded by it. It is like ether, if ether were like that. Or perhaps bees.

Puttski Luv: We're Going To Ashland
The Ashland Chamber Of Commerce: Organ Fuzz
The Minor Thirds: Ashland
Puttski Luv: Watchtower
11 minutes. August 2002.
SPR-026. $3.