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The Minor Thirds

The Minor Thirds are Chris, Charlotte, Jake, and whoever else they drag in with them. They write songs about escapism, frustration, vengeance, and betrayal, using humor and rhetoric as their weapons. The music is acoustic and, as one reviewer wrote, they don't reach out from the stereo with both hands and grab you. They invite you to give a listen instead. This, they believe, is a good thing. website

Saskatchewan: The DVD Dishwasher Thief (Let's Not) Get It On Ashand The Zealot's Curse Things Burn

Saskatchewan: The DVD

Videos for all six songs from the album Saskatchewan. DVD. order

Dishwasher Thief

A pulp crime story. Who will betray whom? CD. order

(Let's Not) Get It On

The scattershot and smashing single, plus some demos. EP. order


Drunken lo-fi mayhem from a weekend in a rented house. EP. order

The Zealot's Curse

Sparse songs about romantic frustrations. CD. order

Things Burn

An assortment of inflammatory songs. EP. SOLD OUT


Sunken somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle described by the intersections of children's music, knob-twiddling electronic music, and rock en español is the swollen and puffy body of Atole. A new diva for a new millennium. website

El Primer Beso El Primer Beso

El Primer Beso

Atole's first concert. Perplexing. EP. order

El Amor Es Un Pescado

Like driving a tractor over someone you've stabbed in the heart. Beautiful. EP. order

Spoken word

Sad Penguin likes hearing people talk and talk and talk and talk. It is soothing. Here are some of the things we've gotten people to say:

Pi Keep Walking Phoneticathon

Ned Raggett: π

Forty-five minutes of the world's most popular irrational number. EP. order

Chris Piuma: Keep Walking

You will get there soon. MP3-EP. order

mARK oWEns: Phoneticathon

Global tongue salad! EP. order

Puttski Luv

Puttski Luv is a man, but more than a man: More like a man and a half, but more than that even: More a way than a man, a way into his pants, or a way: A way to make it through the night.



Drunken lo-fi mayhem from a weekend in a rented house. EP. order

Chris Piuma

From loud and primitive thuddings to smooth yet jarring instrumental pieces to some things that can only be considered "folk punk"—so close to polka, so far from funk—well, who knows where to begin on this musical smorgasbord? website

Keep Walking Once Off Ten Toe-Tapping Variations

Keep Walking

You will get there soon. (Spoken word.) MP3-EP. order

Once Off

Acoustic and strange yelpings from 1994. CD. order

Ten Toe-Tapping Variations

Computer music. Different ways to boogie-woogie. EP. order