Atole: El Amor Es Un Pescado
El Amor Es Un Pescado Sweet joy and rapture, this EP!

You must get it. You will get it, and play it, and enjoy it, and then suddenly at some point it will become terrifically loud, and you will run to the stereo to turn it down, screaming and hopefully also smiling.

Atole fans are rejoicing through this great nation of ours. You are not a violent person. Atole understands that. But, let us say, it is a balmy summer day, and you are sitting on the porch sipping some homemade lemonade. You are not a violent person. But there are some mint leaves muddled in the lemonade, and it it feels nice on the roof of your mouth when you sip it. It is almost a relief from the sticky humidity. Almost.

And you are not a violent person. Sitting on your porch, swinging on the fine, wooden swing that sold you on the house, swinging gently and sipping, no, you are not a violent person. But. But there is work to be done. And tonight, you will be knifing someone in the back.

This is the perfect EP to listen to at that moment, to steel your nerves and gird you against the unpleasantries to come.

Nadie Responde
La Rana (Otro Lado Del Patio Mix)
El Pendejo Eres Tu mp3
La Maquiladora
¡O, o, O, o!
Ámame, Sergio
Cayendo el Pelo
El Paso (Tejano Mix)
Bonus Track (For Mexican-American Release)
16 minutes, thereabouts. August 2002.
SPR-020. $3.
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