The Minor Thirds: (Let's Not) Get It On
(Let's Not) Get It On Oh, the delirious joy of a hit single! The Minor Thirds smash the world with a thumping drum machine, a furious guitar, a few sound effects, and lots of shouting. Let us not get it on, fucker. You want to step outside?

If that isn't perverse enough, "Hot Sex Movie", exclusive to this EP, surely must be. And if that isn't enough for you -- or even if it is -- DJ BJ's aggressive remix of "(Let's Not) Get It On" will redefine your world. (Yes, kids, DJ BJ assures us that the only sounds he used to make the remix are from the song. Pick your jaw up off the floor. DJ BJ is the real thing.)

This is followed by a few demo versions of songs off The Zealot's Curse. The creative process, exposed for your modest bemusement.

(Let's Not) Get It On
Hot Sex Movie
(Let's Not) Get It On (DJ BJ's Soy Milk & Trix Remix)
Not When It Counts (demo)
Yawning (in stereo) (demo)
13 minutes. June 2002.
SPR-019. $3.
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