Some mp3 files to download

We here at Sad Penguin are not quite sure about these mp3 things. We spend a lot of time creating contexts for our songs. The album, and the order of the songs on the album, provides a certain context. The packaging of the album provides another sort of context. And a live performance, there, that's another context.

And yet, we are seasoned mixtape makers, and so understand the desire to appreciate a song outside of its context, or to put it into another context entirely. And we have been around the block enough to know that, really, we can't control how you, the listener, end up hearing these songs.

Also there is this strange idea that people would want to listen to music before they buy it. Frankly, this is a bit baffling. We are the sorts to buy music and then listen to it. We cast scorn upon record store listening booths, and how they can pervert and ruin the pure music appreciating experience. (We are gung ho about music being played in record shops, however. Our logic is flimsy and based on intuition rather than cold steely facts.)

Anyway. All that said, here are some mp3s. They are lovingly hosted by our friends over at Liminal Performance Group. If you enjoy them, you should get the albums they're from. Clearly.

The Minor Thirds

Going Home from Dishwasher Thief
(Let's Not) Get It On from The Zealot's Curse
The Thousand Nights And One Night from The Zealot's Curse
The Revolutionary's Love Song from Things Burn


Amor Y from El Primer Beso
El Pendejo Eres Tu from El Amor Es Un Pescado

Ned Raggett

An excerpt from π