Chris Piuma: Once Off
Once Off This is young, noisy, acoustic music. Certainly not for everyone, but those who like it seem to like it a lot. Very introverted and hermetic; a certain amount of banging and yelling. Churning stops and changes. A few oddly accentuated words. Very little in the way of normal song structure. Defiant and flailing, as always, although this time around the reasons for flailing are a bit more obscure, although a bit more primal. Not as resigned as some later flailing, but it was a long time ago.

The hand-made covers recreate the original (cassette-only!) packaging. Oo la la!

I don't think anyone will listen to this album and think, "Oh, this is so very 1994." And that is probably a good thing, no? Actually, now that I've listened to it again after having written that, I am not so sure that it's true. Hm. Well, you can decide. Let us know what you think.

28 minutes. July 1994.
SPR-004. $6.