mARK oWEns: Phoneticathon
Phoneticathon The "Phoneticthon" occurred Feb. 22, 2003 in Portland, Oregon, during Spare Room's Sound Poetry Festival. It was organized by mARK oWEns who invited sound poets from around the world to perform their work over the phone. Four cell phone numbers were provided for the performers. All four phones were connected to the sound system so that each phone performance was simultaneously juxtaposed and amplified before the festival audience. The result was a global tongue salad from Vietnam, the Netherlands, Uruguay, Italy, Thailand as well as many contributions within the United States. Not every poet who participated identified her/himself. As a result, those credited for participating are only a percentage of all the poets who called. The identified poets are: Jaap Blonk, Clemente Padin, Karl Young, Tetsuya Taguchi, William Howe, Lisa Phillips, Ed Geek, Walter Cianciusi, David Braden, C.C. Elian, John Solt, Charles Bernstein (a poet living in Chicago with the same name as the language poet), David Baptiste Chirot, Michael Peters and Bethany Wright.

23 minutes. August 2004.
SPR-027. $3.