The Minor Thirds: Saskatchewan: The DVD
Saskatchewan: The DVD We made videos for all six songs off our album Saskatchewan (available from Tape Mountain). This DVD, as you might suspect, contains these videos. Footage was taken in Boston, New York City, Moose Jaw, and British Columbia. Includes a live video of "The Giraffe" from a show in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

It's pretty sweet.

This is a DVD+R. If you need a DVD-R, please e-mail us when you order and we'll make sure you get that. (You can check here to see if your DVD player is compatible with DVD-Rs or DVD+Rs, but admittedly it's not pretty.)

Moose Jaw
Mail Fraud
The Giraffe
Points North
30 minutes. January 2005.
SPR-DVD-01. $10.