The Minor Thirds: The Zealot's Curse
The Zealot's Curse The first album from Chris and Charlotte. You presumably read the blurb on the front page about the tortured, pained aspect of this album. But! There is also the dark humor aspect of the whole thing! Let us not forget the funny ha ha parts. Hopefully they are funny ha ha and not creepy ick ick. What am I saying? Hopefully they are creepy. Creepy and funny. See if you can guess any themes the album might have from the names of the songs! It's fun!

You might also be interested in the "(Let's Not) Get It On" maxisingle.

Not When It Counts
I Was Going To
The Angel's Revenge
Vengeance Is Oblique
(Let's Not) Get It On mp3
The Innocent Bystander's Song
Turned Off
Acknowledge Your Folly
The Thousand Nights And One Night mp3
The Prefect's Epiphany
Yawning (in stereo)
Not State Street
Jesus Wept
40 minutes. June 2002.
SPR-018. $6.